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We formulate a public relations strategy around the client’s objectives, taking into consideration their present reputation, marketing requirements and sponsor’s priorities. Whether it is introducing a new concept, project, launching a festival or building the reputation of an orchestra, the aim is to consolidate and raise the client’s profile and provide the context. It is crucial to find a balance between maximising coverage and weighing up the impact on the client’s long-term reputation. To build the reputation of an organisation or artist, Media & Communications Campaigns, Brand Development Creative Partnerships are tailored to :
  • align with long-term vision of company or artist
  • manage reputation with sophisticated messaging
  • deliver balanced, responsible, transparent image to the media and public
  • generate added value and drive revenue
  • target different levels of the media from the critics and arts editors to the news reporters and opinion formers
In a highly-competitive environment where arts and music coverage is vying for attention with the national and international news, Nicky Thomas relishes finding unusual order, creative ways for music and the arts to be heard and seen beyond the traditional arts pages in the national and local press, on radio and TV.

Why PR & Comms?

Why invest in media relations and communications? Presenting a balanced portrayal of an organisation or artist within the context of its industry is crucial for maintaining its continued success in a highly competitive market. Arts and classical music can often be side-lined in the media and we all as a result have to compete even more forcefully for coverage to keep arts and classical music on the news agenda. Whether launching a new festival, series, concert hall, arts adminstration or conductor or consolidating a company’s current reputation, media relations is an integral part of the long-term planning and business strategy of any music organisation, company or individual. A sustained, measured and balanced communications strategy can actively affect the valuation, reputation and ability of an organisation or company to achieve its ambitions.
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