FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ‘To anyone who has been unfamiliar with Monteverdi until now, this trilogy should be heard. It will open up a whole new world.

BR-KLASSIC  ‘The musical result is simply overwhelming. […] For a Monteverdi fan, Gardiner’s incredibly beautiful cycle is a feast.’

HANNOVERSCHE ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG ‘Gardiner goes all out with Monteverdi’s operas

TAGESZEITUNG ‘With a great self-assurance, Gardiner reached the unheard.

DEUTSCHLANDFUNK ‘[…] semi-staged, quiet, gentle, graceful and muscial, and sometimes even explosive when needed.

KLEINE ZEITUNG ‘Massive jubilation at the Felsenreitschule after three and a half hours of music from the borderline of Renaissance and Baroque, for an intimate, sensual, sensual tribute to master Monteverdi.’

★★★★★★ OBERÖSTEREICHISCHE NACHRICHTEN ‘As perfect as if Monteverdi were conducting himself.

SALZBURGER NACHRICHTEN ‘Whether it is Lucile Richardot as a Messenger, Francesca Boncompagni as a Proserpina, Gianluca Buratto as a Caronte and Pluto, Kangmin Justin Kim as a Speranza, or Furio Zanasi as Apollo: everyone had their own unique sound and character.

VORARLBERGER ZEITUNG/SALZBURG24 ‘With this ambitious touring project, the English Baroque soloists have made their mark as one of the leading period instrument ensembles, as have the fabulous Monteverdi choir.