★★★★★ THE DAILY TELEGRAPH The piece then tops that eloquent role-playing with a hugely powerful moment of awakening […] In the flesh it’s an unforgettable thunderbolt of feeling.

★★★★★ ARTS DESK A virtual world choir of trans singers provides support and encouragement through Jocelyn Pook’s rather Glass­ derived music. But this is a compelling, hugely moving experience, and a show that blurs boundaries between theatrical artifice and real­ life trauma to provocative effect.

★★★★★ EDF MAGAZINE with a haunting score that captures all the pain and joy of Adam’s journey.

★★★★★ EDINBURGH GUIDE moving performance by the virtual choir of trans and non-binary individuals from across the world named the Adam World Choir.

★★★★ THE SUNDAY TIMES CULTURE MAGAZINE Cora Bissett’s smiling-through-tears production is given backbone by a 100-strong online choir of trans people. It’s as much about courage as gender.

★★★★ WHAT’S ON STAGE  It is not an easy journey, but this is a big-hearted, moving show

★★★★ THE WEE REVIEW Adam can take pride and place as one of the best.

★★★★ THE STAGE It is this moment of unity through music … that gives this piece its power.

★★★★ GRUMPY GAY CRITIC One of the most powerful and boldest pieces of trans theatre to date, Adam leaves you gloriously punchdrunk and winded.

★★★ ALL EDINBURGH THREATRE the digital choir of transgender and non-binary people – it works beautifully.

HERALD SCOTLAND As Adam’s story is brought up to date, real life events that make for infinitely happier times can’t help but tug the heart strings in a powerful story of transcendence that comes in in many, many ways.

SCOTSMAN Jocelyn Pook’s heart-stirring score.

THE GUARDIAN Director Cora Bissett piles on the imagery and employs Jocelyn Pook’s score, performed by Adam World Choir […] to glorious, joyous effect.
THE GUARDIAN G2 It’s a thoughtful, heartfelt production that constantly asks questions about identity and the way language shapes how we view the world.
THEATRE FULL STOP composer Jocelyn Pook giving voice to this extraordinary story.
EXUENT MAGAZINE Review on Excuent Magazine, by Hannah Greenstreet – read here
Lyrical, joyous and vital. As the music soared, the screen at the back of the stage filled with faces, bravely and joyously affirming their humanity in a time when many political regimes seem to be conspiring to deny it.’