Anxiety Fanfare

THE CUSP MAGAZINE ‘Anxiety Fanfare follows Pook’s groundbreaking 2012 work Hearing Voices, and is a continuation of her interest in the relationship between music and mental health.’

NEW MUSIC BIENNIAL ‘The piece shows how with humour and a positive outlook, music will lift you up.

Hearing Voices

★★★★ THE SPY IN THE STALLS  ‘Jocelyn Pook has beautifully set these stories to music with honesty and care

★★★★ THOROUGHLY GOOD BLOG ‘Hearing Voices skilfully avoids pomposity. This isn’t a po-faced lecture about mental health issues. Far from it. The reality is beautiful and celebratory. There are even laughs. […] A highlight of my cultural year.

★★★★ THE REVIEWS HUBHearing Voices uses innovative techniques to tell a series of short stories that will go some way in helping to de-stigmatise mental illness.’

THE CUSPHearing Voices is special because it still manages to absorb and entrance without the conventional props of dramatic narrative.

PLANET HUGILL (Preview) ‘Inspired by Gail Hornstein’s 2009 book Agnes’s Jacket: A Psychologist’s Search for the Meanings of Madness, Hearing Voices focuses on five moving stories’